Our experienced team is able to offer marine underwriters with a wide range of services and local support whenever the need arises. This includes:

  • Loss of, damage to and/or shortage of cargo;

  • Cargo pre-loading survey and quality/condition analysis;

  • Condition survey of vessels;

  • Loss of life and/or personal injury of both crew members and third parties;

  • Stowaways, deserters and/or refugees;

  • Support with environmental cases, spillage/pollution incidents along with clean-up operations. This encompasses liaison with relevant authorities and fulfilment of local legislation;

  • Loss of or damage to the insured vessel (DTH); third party vessels (collision) and/or contact with fixed or floating objects (FFO);

  • Support and investigation of Freight, Defence and Demurrage (FD&D) cases; and,

  • Charterers/Owners support such as condition surveys, draft survey, on-off hire survey, ship's cranes inspection, hull and machinery inspections.


    In order to ensure that proper resources are always at hand whenever medical assistance is required, we have established a partnership with Vitalita (the medical arm of the Colonial Assessoria group)

    Vitalita's staff comprises qualified physicians, as well as support staff, with the necessary expertise to guarantee that any injuries are treated to the highest international standards.

    Typical services would include:

  • Emergency response to casualties;

  • Ambulance transfer and air ambulance arrangements;

  • Assessment of injuries along with optimisation of treatment; and,

  • Review and audit of service providers bills (i.e. hospitals, clinics, etc).

  • With this structure, we are confident that peace of mind can be brought to both families and businesses involved in these situations.