Our head office is based in the city of Sao Luis (state of Maranhao) along with branch offices in Belem (state of Para) and Fortaleza (state of Ceara), three key maritime centres of the Amazon Bay and the northern/north-eastern coast of Brazil.

From there we are able to serve the ports of Itaqui, Ponta da Madeira, Ponta da Espera (state of Maranhao); Belem, Miramar, Outeiro, Vila do Conde, Santarem, Itaituba, Obidos, Altamira, Sao Francisco, Maraba (state of Para); Mucuripe and Pecem (State of Ceara). We can also mobilise our resources and our network of collaborators to any of the surrounding areas.

With the structure in place, we will be able to serve our clients needs promptly and in a cost-effective manner.